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PRAMILA NATH Leading Fashion Designer


Her Story

Pramila Nath is a hard working and cheerful professional. She is one of the most distinguished alumni of Ruchi′s Institute of Creative Arts. She joined the institute in the early nineties when pursuing fashion was a taboo. Fighting against all odds, she enrolled for the 2 year course in Fashion Designing and successfully completed it in1994. She has been an inspiration to many since then. It is her jolly and optimistic nature that serves as a catalyst for her success. Today she is happily married to Mr. Vatsal Nath and is blessed with two daughters but her belief in breaking old stereotypes is what keeps her aiming for the stars. Who said that a woman cannot manage her career and household simultaneously? Pramila does it and that too wonderfully. She has turned out to be one of the most successful fashion designers of Allahabad against all odds.

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Success Story of Rahul Gupta


R.I.C.A. has always believed in providing hands-on experience to its students through workshops, summer training programs and practical work. The institute takes pride in the fact that all its students have been placed in well-known firms and industries. Here is yet another story of a successful alumnus who thanks R.I.C.A. for providing him with a strong foundation and infrastructure to realize his dreams.

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Success Story of Chetna-Tandon


Her story:

Chetna Tandon is an eminent designer and an alumnus of R.I.C.A, Allahabad. She joined the institute in 2007 and enrolled for the one year program in Basic Fashion Designing. Chetna was so inspired by the ambiance and positivity at the institute that she further opted for the Advance Fashion Designing diploma course. .

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Success Story of Kushal Kumar


R.I.C.A has a high settled benchmark when it comes to shaping the future of our nation. It makes no compromises when it comes to bringing the best out of these budding designers. R.I.C.A has emerged with flying colors in the past decades with its honorable alumni holding the glorious flag of their much beloved institute. So, here is a rag to the riches story of one its alumni who give credit to the institution for what he is today.

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Dip and press - A journal to turn boring fabrics into elegant delights


An attractive object is a joy forever.
This phrase comes into play whenever we encounter attractive fabrics of rich colours and patterns. Our Indian textile industry not only produces well woven fabrics but it has also played an instrumental role in beautifying them by various ancient techniques. Several of these styles like hand block printing, dyeing and paintings have been used separately or in combination to produce exquisite marvels. All these art forms flourished in different parts of the nation creating a difference in the procedural techniques, ingredients and type of equipments used. This results in the production of an exclusive fabric.

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Anyone can conquer the world with the right pair of denim. Denim jeans have existed forever in the fashion industry. This unisex apparel is the apple of everyone's eyes as it suits every age group. One cannot get enough of these heavenly blue pieces as these never go out of trend. From bell bottoms to skinny jeans or from bleached to ripped and textured jeans, the evolution of our everyday wear has been mesmerizing.

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Change your style-statement with yarn and wool


The world today is crazy about creating a fashion statement. Fashion enthusiasts from all over the world like to create that perfect look for wearers. A look that can create buzz! But it is only the professionals who are aware of the latest style statements. For example, many have been experimenting with yarn and wool. These have ruled the fashion world for ages and continue to do so. Yarn is long interlocked fibers (also known as threads). This fiber is the building block of the wool industry (wool is a type of yarn, made from animal fleece) which have been trusted by wearers and stylists alike.

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Do your clothes have an after life?


Yes they do and "Upcycling " is the answer! The term is used to define the process or the art of reusing old clothes or worn out items to create new garments or items. In a nutshell, it means reusing your old stuff in a more creative manner. Thus, it is a new wave of sustainable fashion (eco-fashion, to be precise!) that is aimed at reducing clothing waste. It requires tremendous amount of creativity to churn out flashy wearable items from old and used ones. The trend is catching up in the contemporary times, creating a "need" for new breed of fashion designers. The resulting creations are in high demand in college clothes swap parties and among the others who support efforts at sustainability. As an example, users love finger-less gloves that could be created from upcycling old woolen jumpers or sweaters.

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Fashion Industry - Perspective of RICA


Fashion is a word that brings about million visions our minds. Visions that are not only limited to the glamorous shows on Fashion TV but those of tailors who work in the neighborhood.

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Changing Face of the Fashion Industry


The Fashion Industry is a multi billion business industry which largely depends on its unorganized skilled labour. In spite of technological advancement and computerization of machines, this sector has to depend largely on manual labour. The rate at which the pace of fashion keeps changing makes it impossible to design automatic machines and develop software for each change. And this is why no matter how advance technology gets, the industry will always require trained labour to do the job.

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Skill Building India


Countries are competing with each other to get a strong hold of the global market and business. This has created an intensely competitive scenario. As a result, developing countries are facing challenges where on one hand the associated economies are vying to be a part of the rat race and on the other there is tremendous pressure to care for the citizens.

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5 Wonderful things of Allahabad


Allahabad is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is situated on the confluence of three sacred rivers: Yamuna, Ganges and the mystical Sarasvati (which has dried up). The city also holds historical and religious importance. Here are 5 wonderful things about this city that one should know:

1. The most astonishing fact about this city is that it is known to be the second oldest living city in the world. The city which today is one of the most populous city in the state was the homeland to Aryans. It is said that it was the Aryans who came up with the name, ❛Prayaga❜ for the city of Allahabad. The name was derived from one of the Sages that lived in the Vedic period and the ❛name❜ means the place of offerings.

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